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SSWR School Social Work Research Special Interest Group (SIG) (A SSWR SIG Since 2006)

SSWR SIG Research Goals

We foresee the SIG pursuing two distinct goals related to social work research:

• Fostering high quality research on issues in education and school reform that social work cares about

  • (e.g., school to prison pipeline, expulsion/suspension and evidence-based alternatives, achievement gap, racial and economic inequality in funding of schools, social and emotional climate, school safety and school climate issues, and national school reform efforts that impact our nation’s children).

• Encouraging and supporting high quality research on the role of school social workers in schools

  • Studies exploring the efficacy, modes of support, and roles that improve both student, teacher/ staff, school district, and community/ school outcomes.

School Social Work SIG Members

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SSWR SIG Impact Goals

With this School Social Work and School-Based Research Special Interest Group, we strive to have an impact on four areas:

  1. SSWR itself.  We want to increase the visibility of social work research on topics directly relevant to schools within SSWR as an organization.  A large number of SSWR researchers actually do work in schools or related to schools but do not identify their work to be related to schools. This diminishes our voice in the policy realm and in building new research and policy paradigms. The SIG will work with SSWR leadership to organize more symposiums and highlight work that is done in and for schools but less visible  at current SSWR conferences and publications.
  2. The other three dominant school social work organizations (SSWAA, ACSSW, and NASW’s School Social Work Section) whose members may come to see SSWR as a core resource for their evidence-based work.
  3. Educational researchers who are unaware of social work research on schools, and research on school social workers
  4. Policy makers at the local, regional, and national levels.

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