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Author: Charles Barr

It’s That Time of Year… Interview Strategies For School Social Workers

From SSW Charles Barr: “After being on interview boards for several years, I’d like to offer some help. My help comes in the form of opinion, and so please take whatever I say with a proverbial grain of salt. My approach to interviewing is acknowledging the faults in the process and yet trying to give an honest answer as to who I am.

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Vaccines and 2021: Looking Ahead With IMMUNOLOGIST DR. Curtis MCMURTREY

New Common Ground Podcast Episode: Dr. McMurtrey is an immunologist/virologist that’s been working with Covid-19 since the inception of the pandemic in the United States. In August, Dr. McMurtrey began a phase two vaccine trial. Still unaware of a placebo or actual vacccine, Dr. McMurtrey walks us through his experience. Further, he answers questions about the virus and latest research. Who better to ask than an expert in vaccines currently using a Covid-19 vaccine?

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Fireside Chat with Ali Hearn: Returning to School, Empathy for Teachers and Sparking Ideas to Support Students

Ali Hearn comes back to the show to provide her unique spark of energy, positivity, creativity and strategy to school social workers. Ali has a unique background that extends from the micro (school social worker) to the macro (district consultant). When Ali comes on the podcast she brings authenticity and an understanding school social work that makes her perspective invaluable.

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Exploring the Intersection Between Science and Justice with Dr. Adam Cobb

Editor’s Note: As the United States is embroiled in yet another science vs. politics battle, this time around school re-openings during a pandemic that is still raging in many parts of the country, we wanted to step back from that urgent situation and consider some of the deeper issues involved in how the work of science and scientists intersect with efforts to create a more just society. Today we’re happy to welcome back Common Ground Host Charles Barr, a school social worker in the Chicago suburbs for another episode of his vital podcast, where he talks to ecology researcher Dr. Adam Cobb about these issues.

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