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Author: Hank Bohanon

Implementing Systematic Supports: A Guide for Secondary Schools

Schools should not have to worry about finding resources that would be acceptable to their team members to read or use, particularly those that require translation to secondary school language. My co-authors and I understand the dilemma. We spent years trying to find examples and approaches that would be useful for secondary settings. That led us to write this book, Implementing Systematic Interventions A Guide for Secondary School Teams.

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‘Alone Together: A Special Education Teacher’s Perspective During COVID-19’

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers felt alone and in need of support. As someone who had to embark on this virtual education journey, I understand. In response to what we thought was a need to connect educators who support students with special needs, students, alumni, and faculty at the Loyola University of Chicago created the Special Needs Network for Educators (SNNE). The goal of this online community is to connect educators who support students with special needs to each other. Our community includes current and pre-service teachers alike. All are welcome!

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