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6 Best Websites for Bibliotherapy Resources

6 Best Websites for Bibliotherapy Resources


School Based Behavioral Health – Bibliotherapy Reading Lists

Provides reading lists for the following topics: anxiety disorders, bereavement and grief, bullying, chronic illness, conduct disorder, deployed military, drug and alcohol, homelessness, obsessive compulsive disorder, school transition, and shy children.

The reading lists are accompanied by research articles pertaining to the select issue. The lists contain summaries for each title and give suggestions as to the type of student that may best benefit from the selection.


Bibliotherapy 2.0

A large collection of reading lists that are separated by age level and topic. Some of the topics include: bullying, violence, divorce, substance use, child abuse, body image, and sexuality.


Bibliotherapy and Underrepresented Issues in Teenage Literature: Reference Guide

Contains an annotated bibliography of issues that can be difficult to find represented in literature. Topics include: ADHD, burns and scars (severe), Cerebral Palsy, dating violence, Dyscalculia, heroin addiction, Bipolar Disorder, mentally disabled parents/siblings/relatives, meth addiction, Morquio Syndrome, OCD, Schizophrenia, Selective Mutism, self-mutilation, sexual molestation, spinal trauma, Synesthesia, and teenage fathers.


Books Dealing With Children’s Mental Health Issues

One of my favorites. I used the reviews on this site to choose a book for my daughter with ADHD. The site has annotated bibliographies and reviews of books on the following topics:

Attention Deficit Disorder
Explaining a Parent’s Mental Illness to a Child
Learning Disabilities
Explaining Psychiatric Medication To Children
Explaining Psychotherapy to a Child or Adolescent
For Siblings of Children with Psychiatric Disorders
Substance Abuse
Death and Bereavement
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Autism, PDD and Asperger’s
Alzheimer’s Disease
Interactive Decision-Making Books
Social Skills
Other Mental Health Books


Bibliotherapy Education Project

This is my favorite site. It has advanced search function that allows you to search a book based on age, format, subject, and even gender of the main character. The books on the site are reviewed by registered evaluators. The reviews provide details about the therapeutic use of the literature.

 So there you have it. Are there any resources for bibliotherapy that I missed? Leave a comment below.


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