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Fireside Chat with Ali Hearn: Returning to School, Empathy for Teachers and Sparking Ideas to Support Students

Ali Hearn comes back to the show to provide her unique spark of energy, positivity, creativity and strategy to school social workers. Ali has a unique background that extends from the micro (school social worker) to the macro (district consultant). When Ali comes on the podcast she brings authenticity and an understanding school social work that makes her perspective invaluable.

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Exploring the Intersection Between Science and Justice with Dr. Adam Cobb

Editor’s Note: As the United States is embroiled in yet another science vs. politics battle, this time around school re-openings during a pandemic that is still raging in many parts of the country, we wanted to step back from that urgent situation and consider some of the deeper issues involved in how the work of science and scientists intersect with efforts to create a more just society. Today we’re happy to welcome back Common Ground Host Charles Barr, a school social worker in the Chicago suburbs for another episode of his vital podcast, where he talks to ecology researcher Dr. Adam Cobb about these issues.

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Covid-19 and ReturnIng to Schools, with guest Immunologist Dr. Curtis McMurtrey

Dr. Curtis McMurtrey earned PhD in both Microbiology and Immunology. His studies included immune responses to Tuberculosis, Dengue virus, T. gondii, and HIV.
Currently He is the Director of Immunoproteomics at PureMHC. Up until recently they’ve worked on designing vaccines for certain types of cancer. When COVID hit pharma switched gears to study SARS-CoV-2.

In this episode we go into detail about the virus, mask efficiency, issues around ventilation, common misconceptions, latest research implications, latest updates on vaccines and when they may be available, and returning back to school from an immunologist perspective.

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Dr. Jim Raines- SSW Ethical Considerations During a Pandemic

In partnership with the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA), Common Ground was fortunate to host Dr. Jim Raines, Professor at California State University-Monterey Bay. Dr. Raines specializes in ethics (among other things) and has a wealth of experience to share with us. In this podcast, Dr. Raines addressed ethical issues we are facing during this pandemic and offers some observations on our current crisis situation.

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Common Ground Podcast: Fox Valley Special Recreation Association as an Exemplar Community Partner

Common Ground is pleased to host Jackie Salemi, Superintendent of Recreation, from Fox Valley Special Recreation Association. This AMAZING organization provides a diverse range of year round recreational activities to enable residents with disabilities to experience active, healthy and playful lifestyles. To learn more, go to Find them on twitter @FVSRA. This podcast is for parents, participants and those looking for employment in this field!

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