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Category: Reflections on Practice

[Podcast] The School Social Work Network with Dr. Michael Kelly

Dr. Michael Kelly, Professor of School Social Work at Loyola University, is the co-founder of the School Social Work Network (SSWNetwork). School social workers often work in silos and report a need for more support. The SSWN was created to bring SSWers together and provide vital content through the Network and sister site . Over 2000 members and growing! Dr. Kelly describes the benefits to this FREE resource!

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SSWN Top 5: Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Students

Adolescence is a profoundly important time in human life that can set trajectories of health and wellness throughout the lifetime (Sawyer et al., 2012), and creating safe and affirming schools is an important starting point to make a positive change for transgender and gender nonbinary people in society at large. My dissertation examines the schooling experiences of transgender and gender nonbinary students and offers evidence-based recommendations on how to create affirming schools for this youth demographic. Here are my top 5 recommendations on how to do this.

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Trauma-Informed Care in Schools: What We Know (And Still Don’t Know), And Why That Matters for Marginalized Youth In K-12

This year on SSWN (and our sister social media platform SSWNetwork) we’re going to delve into a complicated and we believe necessary conversation about trauma-informed care (TIC), racial inequity, and evidence-based practice (EBP). These three concepts, themselves worthy of extensive study and exploration, are coming together in dynamic and powerful ways as school clinicians, researchers, and K-12 schools reckon with how to do trauma-informed care in school contexts.

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