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EBP Psychosocial Treatments for Youth With ADHD: A SSWN ResearcH Brief

Here at SSWN we post Research Briefs (RBs) regularly. These RBs were completed by school social workers like you, taking research they’ve found and applying it to their school contexts. These RBs will describe research articles and what the particular study could contribute to your school social work practice, starting as soon as tomorrow. They will cover the kinds of things you see every day in your practice and (hopefully) be written in a way that you can use the information immediately. Today, we’re excited to share an RB by Lara Mangialardi, Loyola MSW student and SSW intern, on what she learned about the latest evidence for psychosocial treatments for students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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Vaccines and 2021: Looking Ahead With IMMUNOLOGIST DR. Curtis MCMURTREY

New Common Ground Podcast Episode: Dr. McMurtrey is an immunologist/virologist that’s been working with Covid-19 since the inception of the pandemic in the United States. In August, Dr. McMurtrey began a phase two vaccine trial. Still unaware of a placebo or actual vacccine, Dr. McMurtrey walks us through his experience. Further, he answers questions about the virus and latest research. Who better to ask than an expert in vaccines currently using a Covid-19 vaccine?

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