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EBP For Youth With Conduct Problems: A SSWN Research Brief

“I selected this research article for my Research Brief (RB) because it gave an in-depth explanation of various techniques and programs that can be used for children experiencing major behavioral issues. Not only does the article give a break down for each program and the steps used, but they also provide historical data from 40 years ago until today to explain the effectiveness of the specific programs. Additionally, these practices are strength-based interventions that can be used to empower not only the student with the problem behavior, but also their families as well.”

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EBP Psychosocial Treatments for Youth With ADHD: A SSWN ResearcH Brief

Here at SSWN we post Research Briefs (RBs) regularly. These RBs were completed by school social workers like you, taking research they’ve found and applying it to their school contexts. These RBs will describe research articles and what the particular study could contribute to your school social work practice, starting as soon as tomorrow. They will cover the kinds of things you see every day in your practice and (hopefully) be written in a way that you can use the information immediately. Today, we’re excited to share an RB by Lara Mangialardi, Loyola MSW student and SSW intern, on what she learned about the latest evidence for psychosocial treatments for students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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