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SSWN Top 5: Gun Safety For Families

The Be SMART for Kids program was developed by the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in order to educate people on measurable steps that can be taken to reduce gun violence. The program is founded on two really simple ideas: 1) people — parents, adults and gun owners — want to keep children and families safe from gun injury and death and 2) the onus of gun safety is on adults, not children. The basic premise of the program is nonconfrontational, strengths-based and steeped in empowerment.

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SSWN Top 5: Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Students

Adolescence is a profoundly important time in human life that can set trajectories of health and wellness throughout the lifetime (Sawyer et al., 2012), and creating safe and affirming schools is an important starting point to make a positive change for transgender and gender nonbinary people in society at large. My dissertation examines the schooling experiences of transgender and gender nonbinary students and offers evidence-based recommendations on how to create affirming schools for this youth demographic. Here are my top 5 recommendations on how to do this.

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