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Children’s Books to Supplement Your Second Step Lessons

Children’s Books to Supplement Your Second Step Lessons

I really enjoy using Second Step with my elementary students. The lessons are simple and the scenarios help my students grasp important SEL concepts. However, not all of my students get the concepts right away. Some need to revisit the concepts multiple times and in different ways.

I have found the use of stories to be one of the best ways to increase understanding and retention of a concept. Finding the right story, however, can be challenging. The immense volume of children’s literature can make the process overwhelming.

Fortunately, the Portland Public School District has compiled as list of books for each Second Step lesson. The list includes the title, author, description, and the corresponding units and lessons.


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About the Second Step Program

Second Step is a classroom-based social-skills program for children 4 to 14 years of age that teaches social-emotional skills aimed at reducing impulsive and aggressive behavior while increasing social competence. The program builds on cognitive behavioral intervention models integrated with social learning theory, empathy research, and social information-processing theories.

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