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Exploring the Intersection Between Science and Justice with Dr. Adam Cobb

Exploring the Intersection Between Science and Justice with Dr. Adam Cobb
Dr. Adam Cobb is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Oklahoma State University.

Editor’s Note: As the United States is embroiled in yet another science vs. politics battle, this time around school re-openings during a pandemic that is still raging in many parts of the country, we wanted to step back from that urgent situation and consider some of the deeper issues involved in how the work of science and scientists intersect with efforts to create a more just society. Today we’re happy to welcome back Common Ground Host Charles Barr, a school social worker in the Chicago suburbs for another episode of his vital podcast, where he talks to ecology researcher Dr. Adam Cobb about these issues.

Dr. Adam Cobb worked with a non-for profit in Chicago’s Ravenswood and Austin neighborhoods. He has traveled extensively around the world with a passion to improve soil to create sustainable food sources. Dr. Cobb’s research and practice experiences give him a unique perspective on the intersection between science and justice issues.

Science Fails Forward ([9:30]) Examples of Poor Science Claims ([12:40]) Sometimes a Scientist saves the day and sometimes it’s the scientific system ([15:45]) Practical Tips for Finding Better Scientific Research ([21:50])

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Charles Barr

School social worker by trade and writer by choice. Founder of Common Ground Education Podcast. My interests include social emotional curriculum, school building culture, mindfulness, poverty, school district polity and all things special education.

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