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Featured School Mental Health Journal

Featured School Mental Health Journal


Editor’s Note:  Starting in November 2016, we are going to periodically feature an academic journal devoted to school mental health/school social work research.  For each featured journal, we will also highlight a weekly article under our “Research That Matters” section that we hope school social workers will take and apply to their practice context.  

If you are like I was when I was in my SSW practice (1993-2006), journals aren’t your thing.   When I was out there as a SSW, the last time I read an academic journal was that last semester of grad school before I graduated and got my first SSW job.  Journals were important to our field, I knew, but they were usually hard to get to (being in only academic libraries or behind subscription paywalls online that my district didn’t pay for), and besides, I was busy.

I only returned to reading journals myself when I started my doctoral program in 2003, and it took me awhile to figure out what was available for  a practicing school social worker.  Fortunately, in 2016 there are a number of journals now publishing articles that matter to SSW practice.  As part of the re-launch of SSWN, we are excited to feature these journals, starting with Advances in School Mental Health Promotion

Advances has been published since 2008 by the Clifford Beers Foundation and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and is now published by Taylor and Francis.  According to the publisher’s website:  “Advances in School Mental Health Promotion is essential reading for those with an interest in promoting mental health in schools through global dialogue, collaboration and action. ASMHP publishes empirical and scholarly work that emphasizes the interconnected nature of research, policy, training and practice in the field of school mental health.”  Advances publishes 4 issues a year, and draws submissions from school mental health researchers in the United States and around the world. Past issues have featured articles from school social work researchers Dawn Anderson-Butcher (The Ohio State University), Annahita Ball (University of Buffalo), Andy Frey (University of Louisville),  and Aidyn Iachini (University of South Carolina) (Full disclosure:  I am Associate Editor of the Journal, along with school mental health researchers from the University of Missouri, University of South Carolina, and University of Maryland.)


About The Author

Michael Kelly

Michael S. Kelly PhD, LCSW is the Lucian and Carol Welch Matusak Professor and Director of the School Mental Health Advanced Practice certificate and Family and School Partnerships Program at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Social Work. Prior to coming to Loyola in Fall 2006, he was a school social worker, family therapist, and youth minister in the Chicago area for 14 years. He has authored over 80 journal articles, books, and book chapters on school social work, evidence-based practice (EBP), and positive youth development. He is a fellow of the Oxford Symposium for School-Based Family Counseling, co-Chair of the Society for Social Work & Research SSW Special Interest Group, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of School Social Work, and Associate Editor of School Mental Health. He has recently brought his work on school mental health and EBP to researchers and practitioners in England, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Canada, Chile, and Japan.

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