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Functional Behavioral Assessments w/ Brianne Jonathan, BCBA

Functional Behavioral Assessments w/ Brianne Jonathan, BCBA

In this episode, we are joined by Brianne Jonathan, BCBA and former special education teacher. Brianne brings in-depth knowledge to the process of writing/facilitating Functional Behavioral Assessments and practical educational experience that gives her a unique and powerful perspective. In this episode, we rexamine school based Functional Behavioral Assessment and include best practice tips for writing a legally defensible assessments.

If you would like to focus on one section, below are the time stamps correlated to the FBA categories.

Min [4:05]-Getting Started
Min [9:35]- Strengths
Min [12:40]- Operational Definition
Min [17:10]- Setting
Min [23:15]- Antecedent
Min [29:10]- Consequence
Min [33:40] Environmental Variables
Min [36:10]- Hypothesis

About The Author

Charles Barr

School social worker by trade and writer by choice. Founder of Common Ground Education Podcast. My interests include social emotional curriculum, school building culture, mindfulness, poverty, school district polity and all things special education.

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