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PBIS World: A Ridiculously Good PBIS and RTI Tool

I recently signed up for the American Council for School Social Work’s newsletter and found a link to I was blown away by the intuitiveness, ease of use, and general usefulness of the site.

When you arrive at the landing page you are asked to identify the target behavior.

school social work pbis

Clicking a behavior gives you a list of symptoms to confirm the behavior you have selected. After confirming, you are given a list of tier 1 interventions. Clicking on an intervention brings up a list of when, why, and how to implement the intervention, followed by links to additional resources. Here a screen shot of the intervention “redirection”:

school social work pbis rti

The site contains interventions from all three tiers and provides ample resources for data tracking in each tier.

As if the intervention and data tracking resources weren’t enough, the site contains a forum where users can ask questions about specific target behaviors or more general questions like “When do you move from tier 2 to tier 3?”. The forum moderator appears very responsive to all posts and offers significant feedback and resources for each situation.

school social work pbis

PBIS World has also released an electronic book version of the free web tool. The book costs $5.00 for a single user and $20.00 for multi-users.

The folks over at PBIS World are currently working to develop a web tool which would allow schools and districts to customize their own PBIS World webpage and upload their own interventions! I’m looking forward to seeing the developments.

PBIS World is an essential web tool that all school social workers should have bookmarked in their browsers.

About The Author

Scott Carchedi

Scott Carchedi is the founder and co-editor of SSWN. Scott provides technology support and consultative services to school social work associations across the US. Scott is also a practicing school social worker in the western suburbs of Chicago, serving grades 9-12.



    Yep, this is a great resource.  I’ve known about this for over a year, posted the resource at the FB group page long ago.  Thanks for reposting it!

  2. PBIS World

    Hi Scott,
    I’m happy to hear you’ve found PBIS World to be a useful and worthwhile resource.  Thanks for checking out the site and posting your experience, and thanks for being a positive social work voice here at  

  3. Scott Carchedi

    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for dropping by. Any updates on the new project yet?

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