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[Research] School Counseling in Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs

[Research] School Counseling in Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs

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Disciplinary alternative education programs (DAEP) service many students; however, limited literature is published for school counselors working in these schools. Therefore, this manuscript provides a conceptual foundation for counselors working with students attending DAEPs. Specifically, the manuscript (a) reviews the types of alternative education schools in the United States; (b) introduces the individual, academic, and family factors of students in DAEPs; and (c) presents implications for counselors in DAEPs to support service delivery.

Authors: Patrick R. Mullen and Glenn W. Lambie – University of Central Florida

Keywords: disciplinary alternative education programs, school counseling


The authors did a nice job of reviewing the types of alternative education programs and the factors associated with students in these programs. The real take home points were found in their analysis of the areas of need and intervention. The authors identified that students in DAEP commonly have issues with substance use, mental health, anti-social tendencies, educational disabilities, reading and math deficiencies, caregiver parental abilities, and family discord. The article outlined ways that school counselors (and social workers) can intervene with these issues.

The following is a chart summarizing their implications for service delivery


 You can access the full manuscript here:



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Scott Carchedi

Scott Carchedi is the founder and co-editor of SSWN. Scott provides technology support and consultative services to school social work associations across the US. Scott is also a practicing school social worker in the western suburbs of Chicago, serving grades 9-12.

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