SSW Practice During A Pandemic: Plans, Tools, & Strategies From a Loyola SMHAPP Student

I’m excited to share the work of one of our 2nd-year Loyola School Mental Health Advanced Practice Program (SMHAPP) students, Ms. Tonya Hernandez, and how she’s helping lead her entire state in this COVID-19 crisis time. Tonya Hernandez, LCSW is the SSW manager for Clark County, the 5th largest district in the country that includes Las Vegas. She was tasked by her bosses last week in coming up with the telehealth and service plan for all the SSW in the county, and given basically 72 hours to do it (!!). Using her moxie and the tools from our Loyola SMHAPP program (as well as the stuff we’ve been writing and posting at our SSWN site, and her peer community support network in the SMHAPP of SSW from 8 states around the country), she was able to create a telehealth and service plan that was not only fully approved by her district, but is now approved by the state board of ed to be adopted and implemented across the entire state of Nevada. Way to go Tonya!