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Supporting LGBTQ+ Students with SSW Patrick Mulkern

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students with SSW Patrick Mulkern

Patrick Mulkern is School Social Worker who serves as the Wellness Coordinator for a high school in the San Francisco area. As the Wellness Coordinator he leads a multidisciplinary team that works to reduce barriers to services for LGBTQ+ students. This program provides individual and group therapy, case management, mentoring and sexual/reproductive health services. Patrick brings his expertise and targeted experience in this area to help educators and school social workers envision and strategically plan for more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students.

[1:00]- Introduction to Patrick Mulkern and the Wellness Program
[4:15]- Tiered Supports for LGBTQ+ Students
[8:15]- Barriers LGBTQ+ Students Face
[10:15]- Providing Support to Queer and Questioning Youth
[14:20]- Challenging Staff
[18:10]- Creating Inclusive Environments for Students Across ALL Grade Levels
[21:15]- How to Engage Families Around Issues of Sex and Gender
[23:00]- Where Can School Social Workers Start?
[26:00]- Ideal Supports at the High School Level
[30:00]- Hopes for 2021- Policy Considerations

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Charles Barr

School social worker by trade and writer by choice. Founder of Common Ground Education Podcast. My interests include social emotional curriculum, school building culture, mindfulness, poverty, school district polity and all things special education.

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