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School Didn’t Stop And Nobody “Gave Up”

The other day, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said teachers “gave up” last spring during the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t think I need to convince you that’s untrue, but it did inspire me to create a short list of things educators did or continued to do as school buildings began shutting down in March. Our whole school community linked arms (metaphorically, of course) to ensure school continued. Here are just a handful of things I remember happening within our small school.

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Helping Parents of Special Needs Students Manage Their Stress: A SSWN Research Brief

To continue the discussion I started this week here and on SSWNetwork about providing supports to parents of children with special needs, I am sharing a summary of this article to help us identify interventions that work to help this special parent population…the information presented in this meta-analysis is very promising and encouraging for those mental health professionals that are interested in increasing supports and decreasing stress for parents of children with developmental disabilities.

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