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TF-CBT for Childhood Traumatic Grief Web Course- 6 Free Ceu’s

TF-CBT for Childhood Traumatic Grief Web Course- 6 Free Ceu’s

The Medical University of South Carolina offers a number of free web-based learning courses on trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. The Childhood Traumatic Grief Web Course (CTG Web) is a follow up the the popular Trauma Focused CBT Web Course. Upon completion of the CTG Web course, you will receive 6 NASW-approved CEU’s

The course is structured similarly to the TF-CBT course and contains the following modules:

  • Adapting TF-CBT to CTG
  • Grief Psychoeducation
  • Grieving and Ambivalent Feelings
  • Preserving Positive Memories
  • Redefining the Relationship
  • Treatment Review

You can login to the course using the same login you created for the TF-CBT course.

Enter the course:



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